Children’s hospital Srebrnjak is becoming a "smart" hospital

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Children's hospital Srebrnjak is becoming a "smart" – energy self-sufficient hospital with the Center of competence for Translational Medicine, which will link clinical practice and research, develop personalized therapy, innovative drugs and introduce new technologies.

The energy sustainability project on CHS was presented on Tuesday, 10 th of November, together with the project of building the Translational center at that location, and both projects will be financed from EU funds (60 million EUR).

Srebrnjak is becoming "smart" hospital in "smart" environmentally-conscious Zagreb, said the mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandić, who attended the presentation of new projects on CHS together with the Dutch Ambassador Ellen Berends, Mayor of Eindhoven Rob van Gijzel and Assistant Minister of Health Dragan Korolije Marinić.

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Construction (at 18,000 square meters of hospital's land) starts in the first half of 2016., currently in progress is detailed design for construction of Center of competence for Translational Medicine.

Children's hospital Srebrnjak is also building apartments for parents, six operating theaters and rehabilitation center with two therapeutic swimming pools. Hospital will be equipped with the latest diagnostics, CT, MRI, research laboratory and the emphasis will be on the clinics, day-care hospitals and one-day surgery.

It will be equipped with the infrastructure, such as earth probes and collectors, which will meet all environmental standards.
This is a large infrastructural project that will ultimately provide better quality service and satisfaction of our young patients and their parents, said headmaster of the hospital Boro Nogalo at the presentation, and mayor Bandić said that "creating an energy, environmentally-friendly green hospital, city of Zagreb proves its excellence in European projects "

The presentation was attended by guests from Netherlands, since the project includes the city of Eindhoven, whose Maxima Medical Center is Srebrnjak's partner hospital. This is a good starting point for the establishment a friendly relations between Zagreb and Eindhoven, said mayor Bandić.
The project was realized with ministry of- health, science and regional development and the project leader is city's health department.

CH Srebrnjak is the first Croatian "Baby-friendly hospital", and in the last 20 years has grown into a leading center of excellence in paediatrics and central hospital in the area of respiratory diseases, allergology, immunology, cardiology and sleep disorders.

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