Pulmonary function testing laboratory

Head of department
Ivana Maloča Vuljanko, MD, PhD

Department's main engineer
Tonka Crnogorac, med. lab. ing.

Working hours
07 - 20 h Monday - Thursday
07 - 15 h Friday

Odjel za plućnu funkcijuIn our PFT Laboratory we provide a full range of functional respiratory testing including:

  1. Lung ventilation / spirometry
  2. Whole-body plethysmography
  3. Lung diffusion capacity
  4. Pharmacodynamic testing / ventolin test
  5. Methacholine challenge test
  6. Ergo-spirometry
  7. Rhinometry (with and without decongestant)
  8. Determining nitric oxide in exhaled air (eNO) and nasal nitric oxide
  9. Oscillometry

For making appointments please call between 12-15 h 

+385 1 6391-111

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