Allergology clinic

Head of Allergology, Pulmonology and Emergency Polyclinic
Srđan Ante Anzić, MD, PhD

Main nurse
Zrinka Kolak, bacc. med. techn.

Working hours

  Clinic 1 Clinic 2 Clinic 3 Clinic 8 Clinic 12 Emergency
MONDAY   Assoc. Prof. Mirjana Turkalj, MD, PhD
  Giorgije Petković, MD, PhD    
TUESDAY Assoc. Prof. Mirjana Turkalj, MD, PhD Lukrica Zimić, MD, MSc  Damir Erceg, MD, PhD     Iva Mrkić Kobal, MD
WEDNESDAY Assoc. Prof. Davor Plavec, MD, PhD Željka Vlašić Lončarić, MD, PhD     Ivana Jerković, MD  
THURSDAY Lukrica Zimić, MD, MSc     Giorgije Petković, MD, PhD    
FRIDAY  Marta Navratil, MD, PhD Željka Vlašić Lončarić, MD, PhD        


The Allergology clinic provides service to children suffering from diverse allergic diseases including asthma. All tests can be done within 24 hours, ranging from taking blood specimens, allergy testing, X-ray of lungs, lung ventilation scan, etc.

All patients are informed about their disease and they receive specific educational brochures.

The Allergy Outpatient Unit is also responsible for hyposensibilisation. Hyposensibilisation is the creation of immune tolerance by introducing an allergen in very small amounts and gradually increasing the therapeutic dose until the immune system builts up a resistance to the specific allergen.

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