Pulmonology clinic

Head of Allergology, Pulmonology and Emergency Polyclinic 
Srđan Ante Anzić, MD, PhD

Main nurse
Zrinka Kolak, mag. med. techn.

Working hours

Clinic 21 Clinic 12 Clinic 16 Clinic 13 DH. Clinic 5
MONDAY   Prof. Davor Plavec, MD, PhD prim. Jasna Čepin Bogović MD Ivka Zoričić Letoja, MD, PhD (AMB 25) 14h-20h Ivka Zoričić Letoja, MD, PhD
TUESDAY prim. Jasna Čepin Bogović,MD Željka Vlašić Lončarić, MD, PhD

Branka Kristić Kirin, MD

WEDNESDAY prim. Jasna Čepin Bogović MD Branka Kristić Kirin, MD
Ivka Zoričić Letoja, MD, PhD
THURSDAY Ivana Jerković, MD Ivana Maloča Vuljanko, MD

  Ivka Zoričić Letoja, MD, PhD
FRIDAY  Ivana Maloča Vuljanko, MD Ivana Malada, MD,
















The Pulmonology clinic provides service for patients suffering from tuberculosis and other pulmonary diseases. All the necessary tests are done within 24 hours, ranging from taking blood specimens, X-ray of lungs, lung ventilation scan, tuberculin test (TU2), sputum examination, or gastric lavage for small children. All patients are informed about their disease and they receive specific educational brochures.

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