Pulmonology and allergology of preschool and schoolchildren

Head of department
Professor Mirjana Turkalj, MD, PhD

Department's head nurse
Marija Vodopija, bacc. med. techn.

Department of Pulmonology and Allergology employs 6 physicians and 12 nurses. Department contains 18 beds with 4 apartments that allows parents to stay with their child during the entire hospital stay. Department of Pulmonology and Allergology takes care of patients with:

1) acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory system

  • pneumonia- diagnostic evaluation is conducted and patients with pneumonia are treated at the Department. Patients with complicated infections are monitored by the release from pulmonary clinic and in case of recurring pneumonia a further treatment is conducted
  • asthma- with regular monitoring in pulmonary clinic, due to exacerbation or need for additional diagnostic evaluation, patients with asthma are treated by the Department of Pulmonology and Allergology. Once a month during the school year, ASTHMA SCHOOL is held, which includes education, consulting and support to children and their families
  • recurrent bronchial obstruction
  • interstitial lung disease

2) allergic diseases

  • atopic dermatitis- patients with atopic dermatitis undergo extensive diagnostic testing (skin prick test, determination of total immunoglobulin E levels, determination of specific IgE levels, patch test), skin care and education of parents on avoiding allergens and implementation of skin care at home
  • nutrition allergies- patients undergo extensive diagnostic testing (skin prick test, determination of total immunoglobulin E levels, determination of specific IgE levels, patch test). In collaboration with a team of nutritionists, at individual level, appropriate menus are prepared and consultation of the parents. In hospital conditions, provocation tests on individual foods are conducted
  • urticaria and angioedema- extensive diagnostic evaluation and treatment of patients with emerging and recurring urticaria
  • drug and vaccine allergy- children who had an allergic reaction to drugs (for example antibiotics, anesthetics as well vaccine components) are being tested in safe hospital conditions, and then they are subjected to provocation tests (oral ,bronchial, intramuscular, subcutaneous, intravenous) with monitoring their vital functions and possible side effects
  • allergy to insect and Hymenoptera venom- children who have had allergic reactions to Hymenoptera stings (wasp, bee, hornet) are starting specific immunotherapy, which involves giving gradually increasing doses of the specific allergen to reduce the clinical effect of the reaction to it in the allergic person

3) immune disorders- with diagnostic tests, treatment and monitoring of patients with immunodeficiency

4) GERD - gastroesophageal reflux disease- in patients with suspicion on GERD, diagnose is made using 24-hour pH monitoring and 24-hour pH monitoring with impedance. When diagnose is made, education on the implementation of antireflux measures is made with further consultation with nutritionist.

Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that are conducted at the Department include a complete diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy of the respiratory system, 24-hour esophageal pH meter with impedance, functional and radiological pulmonary diagnostics, allergy tests, as well as specific provocation tests. In cooperation with other departments, daily physical therapy is carried out and if necessary cardiac, neurological and rheumatologic treatment as well as treatment and consultation by psychologists and nutritionists.
Employees of the department are included in a number of European research projects in the field of allergic diseases such as ATOPICA and iFAAM, authors of numerous conference papers and scientific papers, speakers on various subjects for undergraduate and graduate students (Faculty of Medicine-University of Osijek, Faculty of Medicine- University of Zagreb, study in English , Faculty of Food technology and Biotechnology- University of Zagreb).

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